The Calm before the storm | We talk with our friends at Hail Restore in Okc talk about new ad concept.

Facebook Advertising and Hail Damage Repair.

There seems to be a storm brewing for the midwest this year and we have a branded company that is a good client of ours, already, that is patiently waiting for winter to be over. With spring around the corner, we are already in the works for some new advertising ideas with our clients ” Hailing from their Mobile dent repair shop in OKC.” We will start this year to come with a few Facebook campaigns ad set and get the brand out in front of the affected people after major hail storms come through and wreak havoc on their investments. With the storms getting stronger and more severe, James – Owner oh Hail Restore is buckling up and warning that this year will be a dangerous one, severe weather wise. The weather pattern has changed and the seasons will be a little more active than usual. So back to the Facebook ads. We are leading the pack now we have gone through our certifications on FB ad sets and understand exactly what it is going to take to deliver results to our clients that are ready to take their social media game to the next level. We will explain the ever so important ” Pixel” and how to create a custom audience. These tools allow us to hone in on the select group of consumer that our client is looking to service. We understand that importance of being in the right place at the right time.

With our New Facebook ad system, we will be sure to keep you in the know and clients calling you.

Custom audiences are critical to running multiple ads and gathering leads for your campaign. The options that Facebook allow us to have is amazing. We can run a couple different ads and create a pixel for each and track the user experience through the entire sale cycle. We can tell where they get hung up or if they found that one thing they were looking for. We will also be able to determine many statistics of the customers in question. Age, interests, and anything else you can think of. The system is designed to put your ad in front of who you want to see it. Our Friends at Hail Restore will be GEO targeting through an advanced setting that that can place the ad in a small are of homes or an entire state depending on what he storms bring this year. A new program has been developed with the Owner ~ James. He will also be selling leads to other companies to bring in another stream of income to the company. We will be working hand in hand and help them on this wild ride. Feel free to reach out and we will offer a free 30-minute business consultation for you and your FB ads.


Kindly, Dusty


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