We have a new client in the (form to call) arena.

This week we picked up a new client. They are a force to reckoned with in the digital -phone-to-form arena. Premier K9C

has a cutting edge new technology that is a real “Game Changer!” To think of a form that is used to capture new leads by the means of calling the business owner after the form is filled out and creating a 0 opportunity for that customer to look elsewhere for similar services. The form to call system is so revolutionary that it has created a more than ecstatic clientele customer influx.  “We have seen the growth of 250%+ on the program in companies across the U.S. and we are branching out to the other parts of the globe to see if we can capture market share there as well” – stated founder James Mac. He believes that the software will be a big hit In global auto sales and remarketing. The form is applicable in many industries and will be a sure-fire winner by 2017 in them all. That’s all for today guys. Stay tuned to hear more about the success stories from some of our clients.



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