The company we did this amazing wrap and video for

If you go to this company and get your hail damage fixed you’ll be pleasantly surprised. There is a thing or two to know about hail damage. Not all Insurance companies are created equal. Most of the time you don’t have rental car coverage. So these guys made the entire process Hassle-Free. They Bought their very own rental car fleet and work directly with your insurance company. We have helped these guys stand out from the rest of the companies out there that say they fix hail. We decided to help them on their mission and create a brand like no other in their industry. they have a semi that i is used for the  mobile catastrophic repair team to have a mobile office and extra storage. We understood that this rig needed a touch of flavor on it. It was so big that we thought, should we really try to tackle this monster? We said, of course, we should!! Plus it’s going to be like a rolling billboard.

The design came from the owner at Hail Restore’s very own design. He has the concept in his head and we made it come to life with photoshop and illustrator. The thing was so big we had to Rent a spot from the airport for the week in an empty hanger just to be able to get it out of the elements while applying the auto wrap material. The entire job took about a week all said a done.



The owner saw it for the first time and loved it and couldn’ thave been any happier. So the next time an area gets hit, see what they can do about your Hail Damage. look for our art coming to a town near you.




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