Whats up with the new spectacles from Snapchat?

We have been on the prowl again and have noticed that Snapchat has developed a really neat new concept.

“Spectacles” By Snap inc. They are going to revolutionize the way that we video everything from daily life to business

adventures. You wear them just like sunglasses, considering they have dark lenses in them and will give you the opportunity to create videos that can be streamed via Bluetooth to your phone and uploaded to Snapchat. This is going to open the door to on the fly¬†video advertising for small business’ around the world and help get your story out there for you or your product’s and services. The best thing of all no cords to keep around to charge the spec’s because they will charge in the case they come in. Just charge the case at night while you sleep and they will do the rest. The spectacles are unique due to their design and will be sure to wow your friends. They have not made it to the shelves yet but we are definitely¬†anticipating their arrival.

This is what they will look like and we can not wait to get our hands on a set and yell Action!


Grab a pair and share your videos!



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